Construction of Agrocomplex in Kazakhstan

Project Name:
Construction of Agrocomplex in Kazakhstan
Construction of Agrocomplex in Kazakhstan
The cost of the first phase in November-August was 4,958,211 US dollars. Second stage, October 2021, amounted to 24,791,055 US dollars. Hayat Group, which has successfully represented leading world brands in many countries since its inception, will implement its next project. The first phase of Hayat Group's US$4.9m Agrocomplex project in Kazakhstan will begin in August this year. The second phase is scheduled for October. Total cost of the Agrocomplex project to be implemented by Hayat Group in the Republic of Kazakhstan is 7,437,366 US dollars.
Hayat Group LLC
  • Date Begin: 08.2021
  • End Date: 10.2021
Project cost:
USD 7,437,366

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