Цементный завод

Cement plant
Cement is an artificial inorganic hydraulic binder. One of the main building materials. When interacting with water, water solutions of salt and other liquids forms a plastic mass, which then hardens and turns into a stone-like body. It is mainly used for the production of concrete and construction solutions. Cement is hydraulically binding and has the ability to gain strength in wet conditions, which is fundamentally different from some other mineral binders - (gypsum, air lime), which only harden. Cement brand - a conditional value that indicates that the strength at compression will not be below the designated brand (200, 300, 400, 500, 600) Cement for construction solutions - low-clinker composite cement, intended for masonry and plastering solutions. Manufactured with a combination of Portland cement clinker, active mineral additives and fillers.

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Азербайджан, Баку, Зия Буниятов 1965, Бизнес-центр Чинар Парк 1A