Rehabilitation of Hrybovychi Landfill (Phase 1) Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv Communal Enterprise “Zelene misto”
Project Name:
Rehabilitation of Hrybovychi Landfill
Rehabilitation of Hrybovychi Landfill (Phase 1) Lviv, Ukraine
It is a very important and environmentally friendly project for the rehabilitation of the old waste landfill of the city of Lviv in accordance with EU standards and to restore green space to the city by making it harmless to nature.1. Stage of the project will be manufactured. The Project Area is approximately 35 ha. Within the scope of 1st stage productions, - Shaping the waste mass, making it safe and stable with certain slopes and paddles, making protective heel embankments in certain areas, - Preventing rain water from entering the waste mass by making different insulation layers on the waste mass, - Collecting the gases in the waste by opening gas chimneys and laying piping systems, then these gases will be transmitted to the electricity generation facility. - Collecting all waste water generated and connecting it to the existing treatment facility, - Removing rainwater from the field without contamination by building rainwater lines, - Treating the polluted water in the waste water ponds in front of the waste site in the existing treatment facility, emptying the pools and rehabilitating the area with clean soil and reinstating it to nature, - And includes many auxiliary productions. The cost of the project is USD EUR 17 807 345, 90.
Hayat Group LLC
  • Date Begin: 09.09.2020
  • End Date:
Hidroterra Ltd.
Financial Institution:
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Project cost:
EUR 17 807 345, 90

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